Toruma Shimen is a noble, nephew of Duke Oyugock and second cousin (on his father side) to Leon Muno. He's also the younger brother of Viscount Hosaris Shimen. Due to his status, he had to elope with his commoner wife, Hayuna, but was later forgiven by his family.

His parent is managing a scroll workshop on the Oyugock Capital.


Toruma, a 30 years old man with light brown hair and no beard. He has unreliable looking impression due to his tall and long figure.


Muno Marquisdom

Whilst on course to Oyugock's capital (where Toruma's family house resides) with her family after being forgiven via Muno City they are attacked by bandits who used their baby, Mayuna, as a hostage in hopes of gaining a ransom from Toruma's parents. A group of knights (Eral, Sir Bezz, Sir Donoza) of the Muno Marquisdom started fighting with the thieves; thanks to Satou and his party both Hayuna and Toruma were rescue, later, she tells Satou the thieves hideout lovation were her daughter was; Satou, Arisa and Mia successfully rescued Mayuna from the rest of the thieves.

Muno City

He arrived where the mansion of Leon Muno is located, he arrived with Satou, Arisa, Pochi and Hayuna, he introduced Satou and his group to his cousin LeonWN 6-24.

After the demon disguised as consul was beaten by Pochi, he wanted to get away of the city with the high-speed carriage that the demon, had prepared, but the hidden passage for escaping, there was a lot of zombies at the exit of that passageWN 6-27.

After Satou instructed Leon to move the anxious citizens inside of the castle fortress, he went with his family and the servants to the fortress first and make preparations thereWN 6-27.

Hauto and Toruma got hurt when they moved to the castle's strongholdWN 6-32.

Oyugock Capital

Royal Capital of Shiga Kingdom


  • [Social]


Muno Marquisdom

  • Former: two scrolls, [Shelter] (it was already used) and [Remote Arrow]WN 6-14 (Mentioned), WN 6-16 (Explanied)
    • The price of the scrolls are 3-5 silver coinsWN 6-17
  • Mithril Dagger with white leather sheathWN 6-17
    • The shear is relatively simple, but there's a family crest design placed at one point, it's quite fashionable. The blade is not a magic tool, but it's made from mithril forged by dwarves.
    • The dagger's market price is 30 gold coins.