Originally a nameless slave known simply as "Cat" belonging to a man named Uusu, but became master-less after his death. She was given the name "Tama" by Satou during the events of the labyrinth and became his slave after leaving the labyrinth. Tama would later take up Liza's family name "Kishreshgalza" after being conferred the Honorary Chevalier title and rank.

Tama considers Pochi as her younger sister despite the fact that she is a Cat demi-human and Pochi is a Dog demi-human.


DM Anime Tama

Tama looks like a normal human child but with cat ears and tail. Her hair was short, white, and choppy.


Seryuu City

No-Life King Zen

Muno City

Bollhart City

Gururian City

Oyugock Capital

Puta Town

Boruenan Forest

Labyrinth City

Royal Capital

Kingdom Conference


Weapon Skills

  • [Short Sword]
  • [Two-Swords Style]

Physical Combat Skills

  • [Throwing]
  • [Magic Edge]
  • [Magic Edge Twin Fangs (Vanquish Fang)]
  • [Magic Edge Cannon]
  • [Flickering Movement]

Motion Skills

  • [3D Maneuver]

Labor Skills

  • [Dismantling]
  • [Gathering]
  • [Horseback Riding]

Magic-Based Skills

  • [Magic Manipulation]
  • [Magic Armour]
  • [Magic Power Operation]

Labyrinth Skills

  • [Unlocking]
  • [Trap Cancel]
  • [Trap Discovery]

Speciality Skills

  • [Enemy Search]
  • [Space Grasp]
  • [Ninjutsu]
  • [Attentive Ear] (16-15)

Congenital Skill (Gift)

  • [Insect Notification] (15-1)


  • Sword
  • Small Wood ShieldWN 6-4
  • Buckler made from metalWN 6-5
  • One piece arranged with frills on its sleevesWN 6-8
  • Wooden sword (practice)WN 6-10
    • Rolled with several layers of leather on the wooden swords for safety
    • Engraved
  • StilettoWN 6-13
  • Golden Orichalcum Armor


  • Tama starts with her favorites when she's eating food.
  • According to Satou, Tama is whimsical.
  • She likes painting. The [Steak of Sunlight Filtering Through Trees] is one of her works.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She teaches Pochi how to speak words (since she's the onee-chan)[1]
  • She and Pochi learned the shutan pose (シュタッのポーズ) and shupin pose (シュピッのポーズ) from Arisa.


  • "Don't worry be happy~?"
  • "Tama's a ninja, nin nin~"
  • "Tama's the oneechan~"
  • "Nyu~?"
  • "Nyu nyu nyu~?"


  1. Chapter 5 Intermission 3