Soruna is the eldest child and first daughter of Marquis Muno. She's the fiancee of fake hero.


A black-haired woman who has a calming atmosphere, with her Greek like features. She has a mole on the corner of the eye. According to Satou, she has enormous breasts.


Muno City

She was with Hauto and her father when Satou, Arisa, Pochi, Toruma and Hayuna, arrived to the room in the mansion. She introduced herself to Pochi and Arisa, when Pochi introduced herself, Soruna suddenly hugs her; after she percived that Pochi feels different from her looks, Satou's tells Arisa to release the illusion on Pochi, she found she is a cute dog girlWN 6-24.

Karina Muno and Soruna almost got kidnapped after their carriage had crashed into a child, that accident happened to them twice, by orders of the demon as fake consul carriages were not to be stopped even if it would kill the civilian who got ran overWN 6-25. Soruna was saved from the mob by HautoWN 6-27.

She went along Hauto to calm the citizens who have been chased by the undead and gathered in front of the castle's gateWN 6-27.


  • Valuable dressWN 6-24


  • Her voice is childish unsuited for her age. She talk with voice that seemingly has musical notes attached at the end.
  • She loves to flirt with her fiancé.