Sharlick Shiga, is the third prince of Shiga Kingdom. Formerly engaged to Ringrande Oyugock. He was a candidate for the Shiga Eight Swords but was prematurely given rights to wield his country's holy sword, Claiomh Solais, and similarly became the second of Shiga Eight Swords.

The prince is also regarded as a troublemaker in the royal capital. About 10 years ago, he laid his hands on the daughter of a lord who had been decided to marry someone else, in no time at all, one earl territory was on the verge of rebelling against Shiga kingdom. This matter was also the reason for the cancellation of the engagement between Ringrande and the prince. Originally he should have been confined in a remote monastery, or rather a royal villa away under the pretense of recuperating from sickness, but he could be forgiven if he succeeds as a holy knight due to his excellent swordsmanship. The bad rumor didn't die out even after he had become a holy knight, but it seemed that he hadn't caused any big problem like he did with the territory lord afterwards.


Sharlick appears to be a humorous and handsome young man.


Oyugock Capital

The third prince interrupts a spar between Ringrande and Satou that happens in Toruma's residence; Ringrande had previously sought Toruma's house to escape the pursuit of Sharlick. Who tries to exploit their already void engagement to get close to her but when that doesn't work, one of his companions that accompanies him there, decides to attack Satou to forcefully make Ringrande reconsider. Sealing Satou's moves by insisting if he draws his sword in front of his highness, Sharlick, that would make him a rebel. Satou's plays along, assessing the situation, and decides to take on an attack as it's a best answer for a low-risk outcome. Karina comes to his defense, as does Toruma, who details Satou as Baron Muno's retainer but Sharlick disregards that and chooses to insult the Muno territory. Which riles up both Karina and Satou until Toruma speaks about Satou's Muno and Gururian exploits and that he's a guest of Duke Oyugock and thus the prince leaves not taking things too seriously. Not before leaving ominous line about the demon lord awakening in the Oyugock capital as if expecting it.