The Maze of Trazayuya was massive training facility in the form of a giant tree located within the Ash Rats Principality.

Having seen many impetuous young elves lose their lives inside the Selbira Labyrinth due to carelessness or inexperience, the elven sage Trazayuya Boruenan created the immense maze as place where elves could safely train and be better prepared for the dangers of a real labyrinth. But after 100 years and not a single elf coming to use the facility, Trazayuya abandons and seals the maze.

The No-Life King Zen would later reactivate the maze in his quest to end his own life, by using one of Trazayuya's relatives as the key.

The maze contains a Maze Core, which is different from Labyrinth Cores found in labyrinths. The maze cannot grow, but it sucks up magic power from its surrounding and refines it into magic cores.

The entrance to the maze is a one and a half meter high tower hidden away by vegetations. There is a back door, which monsters use to go in and out of. The door at the entrance was not locked when Satou went in.

The maze consists of 20 levels with each having 500 meters diameter. Most passages are systemically perpendicular.

The maze have three prototyping facilities. A facility to cultivate monsters. A facility that produce golems. And a facility to create dolls that would serve people.



  • Flying Ants, level 2-4, poison and acid attacks, the acid burns and the poison is the paralyzing type
  • Gargoyle, level 5, complete immunity to mind attack and night vision, it's hard, since it's a stone statue. Its moving speed is slightly faster than a person
  • Shadow Stalkers, level 12, [Physical Damage Halved], [Stamina Drain] as race specific skills
  • Owls
    • An owl with a red head-feather as its characteristic


  • Salamanders
  • Flying Ants [Lv5-8]
  • Skeletons [Lv1-3], probably from the rat-man tribes
  • Bone Golems [Lv18]
  • Wood Golems [Lv15]
  • Slime-based monsters [Lv5]
  • Homonculus [Lv5], [Nature Art], magic arrows fired from magic circles that appear in front of their foreheads
  • Iron Golem [Lv30], can fire the 10 fingers like missiles, they explode near the target
    • The Iron Golem is fastened with rivets and has 4 meter high, it's located in the room at the center of the maze and can be defeated by changing the [EMETH] letters on its forehead to [METH] by removing the E.