The lord preceding Baron Muno of the Muno territory. About 20 years ago but the whole family of marquis Muno were attacked by large flocks of the dead, the castle and the soldiers, everyone were massacred, all related families of marquis Muno, including the collateral family who married into another families, died of mysterious cause.

After the undead had extracted their revenge by killing the entire lineage of the old noble, they remained inside the city without moving. So the king had wanted to do something before they would move. The commoners who died from the fire set by the armies are several times more than from the undead since they wouldn't get attacked by the undead if they stayed inside the house. Because of that, there were a lot of people who left the territoryWN 6-22.

The city didn't disappear even after that. because this city has a wall protecting it. The wall was made in the time of ancestor king and was enhanced with fixation magic, even if monsters attack, it wouldn't move an inch. A city simply cannot be made in another location if it's not by a high-ranking nobleWN 6-22.

Prior to Muno City arc


  • His history it was even made into books and drama.