Marquis Leon Muno is the successor of Marquis Muno after the latter and his clan are wiped out by Zen (Undead King). The Leon has no blood relation to the Marquis instead his a relative of the neighboring Duke Oyugock (branch family)WN 6-6 as he succeeded the name to manage territory as baron 5 years later after the incidentWN 6-23. The Leon has an amiable personality. He is well known for his fondness of heroesWN 6-18 and his hobby is collecting books on heroes with rumors going so far to say that he specially built a theater in Muno City just to have theatricals about the hero.


A plump man with black hair and mustache.


Muno City

He was with her daughter and Hauto and when Satou, Arisa, Pochi and Toruma arrived to the room in the mansion. After Arisa released the illusion on Pochi, he said that Pochi is a lovely child. He asked permission to pat the Pochi's head.


  • He is a fan of the heroes.
  • Satou is the direct cause of his rise from Baron to Earl and later to Marquis.
  • Muno family has no prejudices about the demi-humans.


  • Kashira
  • Desuwa


  1. Chapter 6 Intermission 6
  2. Chapter 6 Intermission 2