Saga Empire's Hero. When he was summoned he started off as level 50. He's the wielder of the holy sword, Arondight.


18 years old, although he is handsome, and with hair sticking out on his macho body. He's a straightforward justice-minded fool.[2]


  • Arondight, a Holy Sword.
  • Tunas, a Holy Armor. Has a core in the form of Philosopher's Stone.
  • Flying Boot.


Oyugock Capital

Hayato and his party in the air ship, Jules Verne, arrive to confront the demon that his companion, Ringrande, had summoned him for, using the Talisman of Divine Gift. The demon he finds is his fated opponent that he met three years ago right after he was summoned as a hero. He thought his party to be invincible but was utterly defeated by this yellow-skinned demon. Facing the demon with his holy sword, Arondight, he swore to the the demon he was different from back then and he would take revenge to cast away the regret that his companions had to sacrifice themselves, so that he would live.

Hayato exchanges blows with the demon but his unable to get an advantage as the demon is proficient in using magic edge on its elongated fingernails; when the nails break it only grows back again. The demon continue to match Hayato's attacks and when an attack pass through three orbs floating around the demon, would heal it immediately. The demon uses [White Inferno] on Hayato and with his holy shield strengthened with [Invincible Shield]. Hayato and his party makes preparations to use the Talisman of Divine Gift to start a forbidden spell chant for tactical magic on the demon. Unfazed the demon wanting plunge Hayato into fear and despair and summons the monster level 97 monster, great monstrous fish. A monster that acted as an air fortress for the Golden Wild Boar King. Hayato and his party in panic decide to use the main battery of Jules Verne using Arondight as the main core to activate a tactical class magic against the monster moving from the yellow-skinned the demon. The demon enjoying the despairing expressions of the hero, especially when Hayato discovers that the summoning magic hasn't disappeared and a total of seven great monstrous fish have appeared above Oyugock.


  • Self Status
  • Status Check
  • Hide Skill
  • Infinite Stowing (Inventory)
  • Basic Sword
  • Basic Spear
  • Lot of various other skillsWN 3-6

Unique Skills

  • [Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be Penetrated)]
  • [Invincible Shield (Nothing can Penetrate)]
  • [Infinite Regeneration (Endless Healing)
    Can only be used once a month.

Party Members

  • A staff-officer-type glasses-wearing girl around him, but since she was needed in the noble bureaucracy, I don't think she'd participate in the war.


  • According to Arisa, Hayato is [A straightforward altruistic fool]
  • Hayato has met Zena in the Lesseu territory of Shiga Kingdom when a horse-headed demon ran rampant. He admires her "middle-schooler-level flat chest" and says he would have proposed to her if they met five years earlier.
  • Hayato refers to himself with ore-sama.
  • He writes "YES! Lolita, NO! Touch" as his autograph that was sent to Leon Muno


  • "'The great me, has arrived!'"
  • "If we had just met five years earlier, I'd have absolutely proposed to her."
  • "YES!! LOLI!! NO!! TOUCH!!!"
  • "Breasts are nothing more than just lumps of fat. What a bunch of perverts."



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