A fake hero of Muno City, he's been used by the demon as part of demon's plan. He's the fiancee of Soruna and soon going to be married.

He wields the magic sword, named Gjallarhorn, that's only as strong as a normal iron sword, and the appearance is also just a normal straight sword. He's part of a four-man party.


Hauto is a handsome young man with black hair, black pupils, and a macho build. He has a straight sword with blue sheath on his white knight clothes.


  • Unnamed swordsman, level 10
  • Unnamed magician, level 8
  • Unnamed priest, level 9


  • [One-handed Sword]WN 6-10
  • [Shield]WN 6-10


  • Magic sword which lets out blue light like a holy swordWN 6-23.
    • Straight sword with blue sheathWN 6-24
  • White knight clothesWN 6-24.


  • "O holy sword Gjallarhorn! Now is the time to grant me the power to defeat this demon!"