Dohar was the lord of the self-governing dominion of dwarves. He is the father of Driar, the mayor of Bollhart City, and grandfather of Jojori. He is a famous blacksmith and master craftsman. He's the highest leveled dwarf in the Bollhart City. His weapon is a cursed battle-axe. He has a red metal explorer plate rank from the Selbira City explorers guild.

He is acquainted with and served the Elf Sage of Boruenan Forest as his attendant for nearly 100 years. Satou's mithril sword 【Fairy Sword Trazayuya】that is made by Satou himself and Dohar is dedicated to the Trazayuya.


  • Battle axeWN 5 Intermission 2


  • He made the Toruma's mithril daggerWN 6-17



  • According to Trazayuya, Dohar is a very sturdy Dwarf
  • He's the one that makes Toruma's dagger


  1. At the time when he was living in Selbira CityWN 5 Intermission 2