Bollhart is a city inside the self-governing dominion of dwarves inside Oyugock Dukedom [1], that is about four days away from the Muno Marquisdom . Dwarves are typically said to live in caves, but in regards to Bollhart City, about half of them live normally in the fortress that is the city. The other half are exactly like that typical impression, they live on the caves next to the city.The city has population of 30 thousands people, there are 20 thousands dwarves with the levels averaging at 5-6, four thousands ratmen, two thousands rabbitmen, two thousands humans, one thousands weaselmen, and the other 1000 are other demi-humans (like little giants and gnomes). 30% of iron ingot used in Shiga Kingdom is made in Bollhart City.


Notable People

  • Dohar master blacksmith. And Lord before NW Chapter (14-15)
  • Driar Mayor, And Lord after NW Chapter (14-15)
  • Jojori Daughter of Driar and granddaughter of Dohar
  • Galhar Magic shop owner

Orther Characters


  1. Chapter 7-1